The Aubrey du Preez Memorial Shoot!

During the past few years while living in Germany, I established what is known as "Projekt Herzenssache" (in English: Project Matters of the heart!") in order to be able to reach people who have either been diagnosed with cancer or who have survived cancer. Photos, as we all know, provide proof that we existed, and generations to come, will meet you and keep your memory alive through photographs.

I  thus had the honour of photographing cancer survivors in Germany who loved the idea and were thrilled to be able to show their story through photos.

Photos provide evidence that we existed

Many of you know that during the last 12 months, I have been flying backwards and forwards between Germany, and Cape Town. What you don't know is that the reason for that was that my father, Aubrey du Preez was diagnosed with lung cancer early October 2015. 

My sister Elaine and I had the pleasure and the honour of spending quality time with our father.   Some days were coke and chocolate cake days, some days were spent quietly sitting in his room, listening to music and talking about our mother, some days were spent sitting in the garden watching the guinea fowl trotting about, some days were spent at Kleinmond beach simply watching the waves, sipping our cokes! But on all days, we made sure that our father knew that he was loved. Very much. 

During December and again during April, my Dad agreed to pose for some photos alone, and with my sister, and then with the three of us together!! Those family photos are now what we treasure, as our father passed away on the 17th August 2016. Our father fought his cancer like a trojan, he carried his pain with dignity, and right up to the day before he passed away, our father was still fighting!!

In honour of our father, I have decided to change the name from Projekt Herzenssache to "The Aubrey du Preez Memorial Shoot."

Now you ask, but what is "The Aubrey du Preez Memorial Shoot?"

The Aubrey du Preez Memorial Shoot is available to anyone battling cancer, for free

The "Aubrey du Preez Memorial Shoot" is available to anyone suffering with cancer, or who has survived cancer and wishes to have a photo shoot done in order to provide their family with beautiful photos of themselves! Unfortunately I can only extend this offer to people living in the Western Cape, South Africa, and of course, to those people living in the Greater Frankfurt area in Germany!!

The "Aubrey du Preez Memorial shoot" is completely free and this is what you will receive:

  • 15 photos in high resolution
  • all 15 photos fully edited

 My preferred medium for this shoot is black and white. Depending on the location of the shoot, and the distance from my residence to your residence or to the location of your choice, I would appreciate a donation towards my petrol costs, but the actual shoot and the photos which you will receive, are completely free!!

If you are suffering with cancer, or if you know of somebody who would benefit from this, then please share this post and let's get "The Aubrey du Preez Memorial Shoot" off the ground!

For more details or simply to make contact with me in connection with the shoot, please complete this form:


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When you photograph a face...... you photograph the soul behind it.
— Jean-Luc Godard