Wedding Couple who included their dogs!

I love dogs!! I cannot say that or emphasize that enough, so let me repeat myself just in case you missed that first part......I love dogs!!! So you can imagine how excited I was to receive a call from Natascha asking whether I would be interested in shooting their wedding since she had seen my social media pages where I had waxed on about dogs, and since she is a huge dog lover, she felt that the fit was just right!!!! Also, her dogs are not the smallest so she needed somebody who would firstly not be afraid of dogs, and secondly, was not afraid of large dogs!! I fitted both those categories but imagine my disappointment when i heard that the date of her wedding co-incided with me being in Curacao, shooting another wedding!!! Sigh!!  But since Catchlight Image does also have 2 other photographers supporting me and shooting weddings when i am simply not able to do so, and one of my other photographers is equally crazy about dogs, we knew that in the end, this was just going to be one of those situations, where things were going to work out!!

We met one evening, where we spent time chatting about the upcoming wedding and of course, dogs!!! 

This kind of wedding was always something i dreamt about....a bride walking down the aisle and including her fur babies in her wedding plans!!! I am still really excited about this wedding, and of course, the beautiful fur babies who got to be a part of this very special day!

So contact me if you are a bride, and you are passionate about including your dogs into your wedding day, I am sure that we are a perfect fit!!