Family shoot with a difference!

Those of you who know me, and know me well, senior dogs have an extra special place in my heart, so while I was in Cape Town and was advised that I had been booked for a photo shoot with a senior fur baby on my return to Germany, you can imagine how thrilled I was!!

Puppies are wonderful, no doubt about it, but senior dogs have that extra special something, which a puppy still has to "grow into!" Dogs have always held a special place in my heart, from a small child playing with the dogs in our street, to growing older and always wanting a dog of my own, till I eventually "found" my soul dog Abby, and being granted the privilege of sharing in her life for 14 wonderful years! So as you can imagine, being granted the honour of doing a photoshoot with Rameses, also 14 years old and also suffering with his hips, this was a shoot which I knew was going to be extra special and one which would touch me deeply!

Ramses, as the name may have hinted to you, was born on the streets in Egypt, (I'm not exactly sure where) and having spent his first 11 months fending for himself, he was finally rescued and brought to Germany, where he found his forever home with Yvonne and Tom, and Yvonne and Tom, found their soul dog! Yvonne mentioned to me that she always wanted a dog who would run up to her, wagging his tail furiously when she returned from work, but with Ramses, this pure act of excitement and love took a bit of time!! Granted he did come to her, he wagged his tail, but then he would go off and continue to do his own thing, simply ignoring her!! A dog growing up on the street sees the world and humans in it differently and with love and time and patience, Ramses finally felt relaxed enough and secure enough to know that Yvonne and Tom, were going to be HIS family, and that love, and food, and shelter, were no longer to be begged for, to be fought for, and perhaps given for a brief moment in time, but finally, all these wonderful things had finally become his!!

Ramses is simply put a beautiful fur baby!

Go ahead and enjoy the photos!!