Baby shoot with a gorgeous young family

There are some shoots which you just know before hand that you are going to love, and so it was that I packed my car with my equipment, looking forward to meeting young Liam for the first time!! Having done a few shoots already with Daniela and Christopher, I was quite excited to meet their son!! 

Yes I know that all babies are gorgeous, but Liam is not only gorgeous, he has the cutest personality at his all of 3 months!! He laughed, he gurgled and most of all, unwittingly pulled the funniest of faces resulting in me stopping the shoot for a few minutes as I laughed so much at his cute funny faces which he pulled!!

Daniela and Christopher, you are truly blessed to have such an amazing young son!

May he always bring you much love and joy!

I look forward to capturing Liam as he grows up!

In the mean time, go ahead and enjoy this beautiful young families photos!!