The fact that I met Laura and Ivan was really down to an amazing coincidence!!

They got married in Austria during the summer and as time and careers permitted, they decided to take their honeymoon in Cape Town during early November!! This is clearly when the stars were already aligning our meeting, because as luck would have it, I was also planning on going back to Cape Town during November!! So you have on the one hand, a young Austrian couple planning their honeymoon in Cape Town, naturally flying from Vienna on Emirates airline, and yours truely, planning a trip home, from Frannkfurt to Cape Town, also on Emirates, via Dubai!!

The next amazing alignment of the stars making sure that we met, was that they happened to sit in front of me on the flight from Dubai down to Cape Town!! Emirates being the good, service orientated airline that they are, delivered a honeymoon cake to the young couple which of course immediately got my attention and so I gave them my card, after telling them that I am a wedding photographer and the rest as we say, is history!! 

We met up a few days later in Cape Town, Laura wearing her beautiful wedding dress, Ivan in dress clothes, but sadly he forgot to pack fancy shoes, but hey, no problem when you are doing a shoot mostly at the beach, then surely barefoot is the way to go!!

Laura and Ivan, I so enjoyed meeting the two of you, photographing the two of you and then joining you for breakfast after our shoot!! I hope that the rest of your honeymoon was awesome and that you had a good safe flight back to Austria!

Enjoy your photos!