Cape Town model shoot

During one of my trips home to Cape Town, i made contact with Noel who was keen to do a shoot since he was going to be in Cape Town at the same time!! Model shoots are something which I really enjoy doing and sadly find that I don't do enough of!! So just a quick hint, if you are a model, wannbe model and would like to work with me, then please contact me!!

Table Mountain as a backdrop

The day which was scheduled for our shoot which was initially meant to be at one of Cape Town's gorgeous beaches, turned out to be a windy day.....actually it turned out to be a mega windy day, the kind of day where if you are wearing a dress or skirt, you definitely need weights in your hemline to keep from flashing your undies to all and sundry!! So after meeting at the beach it was decided that unless we wanted to be constantly chewing on sand, it would be best to move the shoot and drive to Table Mountain and have the gracious old lady as a mega backdrop!!

Noel, my model, did an amazing job trying to keep his composure while battling howling winds, Amber, our make up artist did an awesome job, while not only watching that our equipment stayed safe but that Noel and I did not get run over by any tourist buses while shooting along Table Mountain road!!

Model: Noel Schmidt

Make up artist: Amber Brandt (

Belts: Handmade by C-Squadron (