Sara and Stuarts engagement shoot was an absolute fun event!! I am sure, having met most of their friends now, since their wedding was 2 weeks ago, their friends will ALL concur with me that Sara and Stuart are one crazy, fun loving and totally in love couple!!

Gorgeous Llandudno Beach as a backdrop for amazing coupleshoot

Llandudno Beach is an awesome place to shoot at and it did not let me down, providing a beautiful, almost majestic background for Sara and Stuart!! Not only was the light fantastic, but the sheer size of some of the boulders can only be described as having a wow effect!!

I don't think I need to write down in detail how much fun was had, just take a look at these photos and see for yourself and then get ready, because in a little while, I will be ready to blog Sara and Stuarts beautiful and yet again, fun-filled wedding!