So if you have read my "From the heart" page, then you will understand how important the shoot which are you looking at, is! I always choose to present the photos from the "Aubrey du Preez Memorial shoot" in black and white, as besides being my favourite medium, I also believe that black and white captures more emotion than colour photos!! That being said, I do however choose to have one photo in colour and that one photo, to me, represents hope and the future!! This is also always the last photo in the gallery!

Below is an extract of Andra's story in her own words!

"Hi everyone. My name is Andra and I would like to share my story with you.

In 2012, 33 years old, I was diagnosed with peritoneal cancer. Because of other reasons I had to do a laparoscopy and the doctors found out about the cancer by accident. As I didn’t have any pain , it would have grown without any notice. After the doctors also identified lymph metastases in my thorax I underwent chemotherapy for the next 3 years. That sounds pretty long and awful, but it was well-tolerated and I didn't have much pain. Parallel I did and still do a lot of homeopathy treatments to strengthen my immune system. It helped very much to cope with the adverse reaction and against all expectations I didn’t lose my hair. This fact helped me a lot, because people didn’t recognize that I was sick on the first sight.  Of course I stopped working and focused 100% on my health. In August 2015 I decided to give my body a break. By then the tumor didn’t show any activity and had not grown. Now I have check-ups every 3 month and hope everything stays like this.

Of course I was in shock, when I found out that I have cancer, but from the start I was very positive that I will beat it. Before I found out everything in my life worked out like I planned it but at this point my body told me to STOP. My immune system was down, and I didn’t pay enough attention to my health. This has changed!

At the moment I enjoy my life to the fullest and try to use every day. Even if the disease is very bad, it has given me a lot of positive moments. That might sound odd, but whenever I could, I used my spare time to do things for which I had no time before the disease. For example I started to join an acting class, which I hadn’t done since High School.

Four and a half years after the diagnosis cancer I’m very fortunate to be around and I would like to thank Gayle for her passion to photography and her opportunity to take part in “The Aubrey du Preez Memorial Shoot”.

Never stop fighting!"